Canadian Airports Council Responds to 2023 Federal Budget

March 28th, 2023

Ottawa, ON

The Canadian Airports Council (CAC) President, Monette Pasher, today issued the following statement:

“Canada’s airports are critical links in the national supply chain, are pillars of economic growth in communities across the country, and support hundreds of thousands of jobs from coast to coast.

“Despite challenging times, airports across Canada have strived to recover from the financial impact of the pandemic, keep pace with traveler expectations, and innovate for the 21st century — but they cannot do it alone.

“To that end, we are encouraged by the practical, incremental policy steps taken in the 2023 federal budget to assist our sector and improve the passenger journey. The positive budget measures include more screening resources for CATSA, plans to amend the Customs Act to modernize travelers’ experience at the border, and proposed amendments to the Canada Transportation Act for data sharing and reporting.

“Airports across the country welcome these new measures — they underline our vital role in the economy and will make a tangible, positive impact on the journey ahead.  However, there is still more work ahead to get airports fully down the runway to recovery. The leaders of Canada’s airports are looking forward to building on their long-standing partnership with the Government of Canada to achieve just that.”


About the Canadian Airports Council

The Canadian Airports Council (CAC), a division of Airports Council International-North America, is the voice for Canada’s airports community. Its 58 members represent more than 100 airports, including all of the privately operated National Airports System (NAS) airports and many municipal airports across Canada.

Prior to the pandemic, Canada’s airports supported nearly 200,000 jobs, generating $13 billion in wages and $7 billion in taxes to all levels of government.

For more information, contact:

Monette Pasher