The CAC serves as an advocate for Canada’s airports – primarily in Ottawa with the federal government. However, through our association with Airports Council International-North America, our reach extends far beyond Canada’s borders.

CAC membership is open to any non-Transport Canada operated airports and associations of airport operators.

Membership provides:

  • National Representation: Small airport? Big voice
  • Access to Professional Resources and Staff: An extension of the team
  • National Collaboration: Working together to work smarter
  • Communications: Keeping airports informed
  • Networking Opportunities: The incalculable value of professional contacts
  • International Representation: Being part of a global network

Annual membership costs $1,500 for airports with fewer than 250,000 annual E/D passengers.

National Representation

Small Airport? Big Voice

The CAC is Canadian airports’ vigilant ambassador with federal government departments and organizations, such as Transport Canada, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), Public Safety Canada and others.

The CAC works closely with nationally and internationally recognized industry organizations, such as the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC), the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA), the Canadian Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) and NAV Canada.

Most times consensus emerges on issues and the CAC stands together with other industry partners. At other times, airports can have different views and opposing interests. The CAC’s focus is ensuring the airport perspective is always heard.

Access to Professional Resources and Staff

An Extension of the Team

Through experienced professional CAC staff in Ottawa, members benefit from representation by an organization with a proven reputation for integrity and professionalism in Ottawa and across the country.

CAC members also have access to research and support from professional staff with extensive experience in aviation, administration and communications.

Members are represented at the Civil Aviation Regulatory Advisory Council (CARAC), and at other federal government venues for security, environment, human resources, customs, health and labour matters.

National Collaboration

Working Together to Work Smarter

The CAC offers members the opportunity to participate in the association’s committees and work groups, which focus on key operational domains that are critical to airport operations.

The CAC’s committees and work groups include:

  • Facilitation Committee: Dealing with unique passenger facilitation challenges, particularly border issues.
  • Environment Committee: Assists in managing ever-changing regulatory requirements.
  • Operations, Safety & Technical Affairs Committee: Everyday operational matters and regulatory requirements.
  • Planning, Development & Infrastructure Committee:Collaborating on planning and physical infrastructure projects.
  • Security Committee: Collaboration on security matters, including matters involving airports and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.
  • Financial Affairs Committee: Offers coordination and resources to address policy, regulatory, operational and technical issues as they relate to airport financial affairs.


Keeping Airports Informed

One of the biggest challenges for Canadian airports in our time and resource constrained environment is simply keeping abreast of what’s going on and how events will impact airport operations in the future.

CAC members are kept apprised of events and issues through our Web site, which includes a Members Only section, a monthly newsletter and periodic bulletins. These include timely updates on proposed regulatory changes, analysis of their impact, and how – working together – Canada’s airports plan to mitigate matters that have a potential to negatively affect airports.

CAC committees are organized around specialized domains, such as operations, security and the environment. They communicate regularly by conference call and hold meetings at least semi-annually. Minutes of all CAC meetings, including board meetings, are circulated to members and posted on the Members’ Only section of the CAC Web site.

Networking Opportunities

The Incalculable Value of Professional Contacts

Developing and maintaining contacts with peers, government officials and other industry executives is of immeasurable value. The CAC facilitates this through the association’s committee structure and national meetings.

The CAC also conducts an annual conference: the Canadian Airport Management Conference, in Ottawa each spring. In addition to serving as an important educational forum, these events are the perfect opportunity to meet and network with airport peers and other industry professionals.

Two board meetings each year are scheduled in Ottawa and a different region of the country to make it easier for all members
to participate.

The CAC also has held two very successful Air Policy Forums in the past three years, which have been instrumental in generating dialogue among aviation stakeholders and influencing government policy.

International Representation

Being Part of a Global Network

Membership in CAC automatically includes membership in Airports Council International, which provides additional networking and education opportunities.

The CAC elects two directors to the board of ACI-NA and the chair of CAC is an ex-officio member of the ACI-NA board. CAC members also have access to ACI conferences, seminars and workshops.

Other Benefits

CAC members have access to group benefits, medical and dental for employees, as well as the opportunity to participate in airport operators’ property and liability insurance plans.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CAC, please call (613) 560-9302.

Click here for the CAC Membership Prospectus.

The CAC has 56 members representing more than 100 airports throughout Canada. This includes all of the National Airports System (NAS) airports and most passenger service airports in every province and territory.