On June 26th, 2024, airports across Canada will celebrate the inaugural Airport Workers Day. This is a day of recognition for the people who keep Canada moving and to celebrate their vital contribution to our communities and our economies. We project more than 150 million passengers will travel through Canada’s airports this year, creating 200 thousand direct airport jobs.

Airport Workers Day is a coordinated national event where Canadian airports will show appreciation for airport employees who go the extra mile every day to connect people, to connect communities, and to connect Canada to the world.

Participating airports across the country will host a variety of employee appreciation events, such as barbecues, food trucks, games & prizes, catered coffee breaks, and more.

From equipment operators to above the wing agents, security to below the wing agents, mechanics, firefighters to administration employees – the professions and career paths within our airports are as diverse as the people who fill these roles. Air transportation is only possible because a dynamic network of specialists working diligently in concert to ensure the safe and seamless movement of people and goods.

Airport workers keep Canada’s aviation system moving, and for this we are celebrating and thanking them.


Participating Airports

Billy Bishop
Comox Valley
Deer Lake
Fort McMurray

North Bay

Prince George
Red Deer
Saint John
Sault Ste Marie

St John’s
Thunder Bay

National Awards

As part of this day, five airport workers will be honoured with national awards that recognize their dedication and contribution. Nominations are now open and can be submitted here. The deadline for submissions is May 24, 2024.

Award categories include:

Environmental Steward – An airport employee who passionately manages and supports conservation and preservation and who effectively works towards the decarbonization of the airport environment in a long-term sustainable manner.

Outstanding Service – Celebrating a person who provides exemplary support for customers and passengers, demonstrating a commitment to a seamless passenger journey.

Operational Excellence – Shining a spotlight on an airport worker whose contributions may be behind the scenes but are essential to the smooth operation of the airport. This individual demonstrates innovative ideas, exceptional teamwork, and a collaborative spirit.

Outstanding Leadership – Honouring a supervisor or manager who has steered their team with outstanding leadership qualities, ensuring smooth travels within their department.

Industry Champion – Individual who inspires the younger generation to consider careers in aviation or airport management by showcasing the exciting and diverse opportunities available within the industry.

Aviation Careers

Learn more about the many careers that are possible in Canada’s aviation industry.

Do you know a woman or youth who is curious about the world of aviation? Elevate Aviation provides a platform for women and underrepresented groups to thrive and succeed through careers in aviation. Elevate aviation is a primary provider of aviation career support, working alongside industry professionals to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Questions or media queries can be directed to:

Julie Pondant

Senior Director of Communications

Canadian Airports Council