The Voice of Canada’s Airports

On June 26th, 2024, airports across Canada will celebrate the inaugural Airport Workers Day. This is a day of recognition for the people who keep Canada moving and to celebrate their vital contribution to our communities and our economies. We project more than 150 million passengers will travel through Canada’s airports this year, creating 200 thousand direct airport jobs.

Airport Workers Day is a coordinated national event where Canadian airports will show appreciation for airport employees who go the extra mile every day to connect people, to connect communities, and to connect Canada to the world.

The Canadian Airports Council, a division of ACI-NA, is the voice of Canada’s airports. We work to ensure that Canada’s airports have the regulatory and operational tools they need by advocating for policies that strengthen the ability of Canada’s airports to serve their travellers and communities.

Our professional staff in the government affairs, legal, environment, safety, security, operations and technical departments in Ottawa and Washington DC, works to ensure that Canadian and U.S. legislation and regulations help airports operate more safely and efficiently.

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