Canada’s airports encouraged by Supply Chain Task Force Recommendations

October 7th, 2022

Ottawa ON

The Canadian Airports Council (CAC) President, Monette Pasher, today issued the following statement in support of removing all remaining pandemic measures for travel:

“Canada’s Airports welcome the recommendations of the National Supply Chain Task Force’s final report tabled yesterday. We have engaged extensively in this work and are pleased to see Canada’s Airports recognized for the important role they play in the supply chain.

“We are encouraged by the National Supply Chain Task Force’s recommendation that 50% of airport rent payments be waived on a short-term basis in order to best enable airport authorities to invest in capital improvements, such as facilities and infrastructure, that will enhance transportation supply chain reliability. We look forward to discussing this item further as the minister works to finalize the National Supply Chain Strategy.

“The dynamics of supply chains and the economy are complex, with broken links in the chain resulting in an increased cost of living, and higher price on goods for Canadians.  This is why we look forward to the role that Canada’s Airports can play in easing these burdens and grow their critical role in local, regional, national, and global supply chains. We will continue to work with the government and all partners to ensure the sector has the opportunity to capitalize on the economic opportunities that lie ahead.”