Canadian Chamber Supports Air Travellers, Shippers, the Canadian Economy

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC), Canada’s largest and most influential business association, passed several air transport-related resolutions at its annual general meeting today.

Three resolutions in particular were of interest to Canada’s airports in the following areas designed to ease movement for travellers and goods through Canada’s air transport network.  They are designed to help reframe how the federal government thinks about – and develops – air transport policy:

1) Supporting Canada’s International Airports (public transit to airports and cities)

2) Air Traveller Security Screening and Customs Standards (global standards for wait times at security screening) and

3) National Trade Corridors Fund (allocation of more funding to the NTCF)

The resolutions will be part of the Canadian Chamber’s advocacy program for the next three years.

“Our business and civic leaders recognize that their airports are critical assets – their gateway to economic growth and opportunity, and through these resolutions, they want to be certain that the federal government has a path to support airports’ growth and sustainability,” said CAC Chair and Kelowna International Airport Director Sam Samaddar.  “Canada’s airports appreciate the groundswell of support from chambers around the country.  If adopted by the federal government, these resolutions would lead to a better experience for travellers as well as greater opportunity to achieve regional and national economic goals.”

“Canada’s airports have invested $25 billion in self-funded infrastructure since 1992 to improve the traveller experience, diversify services and ensure room for growth to support demand,” said CAC President Daniel-Robert Gooch.  “Canada’s airports are working for travellers, and these resolutions support several airport recommendations for the federal government on how it can play a positive role in the traveller experience.”

Along with airports working with their local chambers, the CAC also has been engaged with the members of the Canadian Global Cities Council, a unified group of chambers/boards of trade in Brampton, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

About the Canadian Airports Council

The Canadian Airports Council (CAC), the voice for Canada’s airports community, has 53 members representing more than 100 airports, including all of the privately operated National Airports System (NAS) airports and many municipal airports across Canada. Canada’s NAS airports are independently operated by non-share capital corporations that reinvest all financial surpluses back into the airport for the benefit of users and the community.

Together, CAC members handle virtually all of the nation’s air cargo and international passenger traffic, and 95% of domestic passenger traffic.

They provide 194,000 direct jobs, $19 billion to the national GDP and $48 billion in direct economic activity. They also provide municipal, provincial and federal governments $6.9 billion in tax revenues each year.


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