About Canada’s Airports

A Made-in-Canada Success Story

Starting in 1992, the Government of Canada transferred the operations of Canada’s National Airports Systems Airports (those with more than 200,000 passengers annually and/or serving a national, provincial or territorial capital) to private nonshare capital corporations.

Today these locally-operated airport authorities are a Canadian success story, serving passengers in every part of the country and, since 1992, reinvesting over $25 billion into capital improvement programs.


Working for travellers and communities

Canada’s airports today operate in a dynamic, fast growing and highly capital-intensive environment. Air traffic at Canada’s airports has been growing by 6.2 per cent year-over-year.  Every day, almost 400,000 people arrive at or depart from Canada’s airports – about 150 million people annually. Airports need the support of government in order to continue to serve this growing number of travellers and their communities.